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Whelping and play yard.

Our Puppy Room

We purchased our building several months ago with having the vision of a puppy room only area. This is the area puppies will transfer to when weaning them from momma and if needed, an area to whelp a second litter when my whelping house is in use. Electric installation is complete, Lighting is installed, Life proof vinyl click flooring is down as well as 4 foot up all the way around on the walls (I also have this on the walls in my whelping house and absolutely love it) It will be equipped with heating/air conditioning, water cooler with hot and cold water supply, Puppy door so we can start teaching puppies at an early age to go outside to potty and puppies will have access to a large fenced in yard (With supervision of course) separated from my older girls. And of course, lots and lots of toys. A flat screen tv will also be purchased for playing various audio.  

I am happy to say, It is almost complete!

The gallery of supervisors
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