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We are so thrilled you have found interest in one of our beautiful Labrador puppies!

At Echoing Pines  we breed for quality, not quantity. All of our Labrador's are thoroughly screened taking into consideration each Labrador's temperament, health, soundness and Labrador Retriever Breed Standard 

Parents have proper health clearances including OFA hips and elbows, eyes, PRA, EIC, MCD, HNPK and CNM testing.

Your puppy will come with-

* Limited AKC registration only

* Age appropriate de-worming's 

* Age appropriate vaccinations 

 * Health examination by licensed veterinarian

* 26Month health guarantee on hips and 18 months on eyes

* 72 hour health guarantee 

* Sample of current puppy food

* Puppy go home bag with information and goodies

* 30 Day complementary  puppy insurance

*All puppies are microchipped

* Lifetime breeder support

Reserving A Puppy


Your first step is to fill out our puppy questionnaire to help better assist us in placing the perfect puppy in your home.
Please click the link below to fill out in detail.

All puppies are sold with Limited Registration.  Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.  A dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration shall be ineligible to be entered in a licensed or member dog show.  It is eligible, however to be entered in any other licensed AKC event such as obedience, tracking, field trials, hunting test, herding, lure coursing, agility and earth dog events.

A potential Echoing Pines puppy buyer is screened very carefully. We thoroughly read through each and every questionnaire received. 

After speaking with us, if approved, you are then added to our waiting list to be the first to know about our breeding's.

If you are put on a waitlist, we can ensure you an Echoing Pines puppy is worth your wait.

If interested in a puppy from the announced breeding, we would then move forward with putting you on the specific litter list. 

We start by adding you to our private Litter Group via Facebook where you and the other approved families will be involved. We feel like this process allows each puppies new forever family the chance to get to know their new puppy before they welcome them home. 

Pictures and videos are taken frequently to keep everyone involved in the process of the puppies growing. updates and milestones of the litter and see weekly individual features of each puppy.


The newborn puppies are weighed daily for the first 2 weeks, 3-8 weeks apx 2-3 times per week to be sure that each of them is developing at close to the same rate. By closely monitoring their weight, it helps us to ensure that they are all doing well. Our puppies are wormed at 2, 3, 4, and 6 weeks of age. Shots are administered at 5 weeks (Neopar) and 7weeks of age.

Placing Our Puppies

We place them in order of inquiry and deposit received, (1st deposit 1st pick, 2nd deposit 2nd pick etc.) Our deposits are non-refundable as it is your commitment and certainty that you will be providing a forever home for the Echoing Pines puppy you are putting a deposit on. Refunds may be given if the chosen puppy develops an issue that prohibits placement only. Please contact us for more information regarding this.

At 4 weeks of age the puppies begin developing their personalities. 

 When our puppies are around  6-7  weeks of age we begin the process of matching the puppies with their new families. At that time we also start assessing the puppies that we potentially plan to keep in our program.

Please be understanding this can take time.

At Echoing Pines we spend an endless amount of time with our puppies and no one knows them better than us. We spend a lot of time getting to know our families too. Over the next several weeks, through conversations with each client and our observation of each puppy we will work together to ensure your puppy is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 

Echoing Pines Labradors unless otherwise noted, reserve the right to at least the first 2 picks from each litter. We reserve the right to make a decision not to sell to any person/family at any time for any reason.

Puppies must be picked up at the decided date at 8 weeks. 
​If a situation arises and prior arrangements have not been discussed the additional daily cost for the puppy staying in our care will be $20

"She Believed She Could, So she Did"
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