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The Girls


We are beyond blessed to have these beautiful girls as part of our Echoing Pines Family!

Here at Echoing Pines we are a small family run English type Labrador Retriever breeder in Southeast Kansas, who

specializes in English style Yellow-Fox Red Labradors. 

Our passion is helping other families  experience the love and joy that only a Labrador Retriever can provide. We breed labs for those looking for a great companion dog, potential hunting partner, or just a wonderful family pet that is calm yet eager to please.  

Our Labradors are our family. They live in the home with us and are loved endlessly by adults and children and are socialized with our other dogs. We truly believe this is a huge help in developing positive social behaviors with humans and other dogs. 

As a responsible Labrador breeder, our Echoing Pines  Labradors are AKC registered, OFA certified, DNA genetic health tested, and dilute free.

Fox red is not a separate color of the Labrador, but a shade of yellow. In the early years of the breed development, fox red or dark yellow was the original yellow shade of the Labrador Retriever. Fox red is the darkest shade of yellow Labradors.

Regarding the Dilute Gene

     At Echoing Pines, we only breed purebred Labrador Retrievers. We do not breed dilute Labradors (example: silver, charcoal, champagne). True purebred Labrador Retrievers only come in 3 colors: Black, Chocolate and Yellow which range in color from light Cream to dark Fox Red.




At Echoing Pines Labradors, We fully believe dogs are a lifetime commitment. We always encourage potential buyers, or anyone interested in any breed of dog, to do their own research on the breed. There is so much that goes into raising a puppy and taking the absolute best care of your new family member. Knowing about their temperament, energy level, care and maintenance, life expectancy, and more can help you prepare for that.

The following link will direct you to the AKC Labrador Retriever breed standard where you can read up on more regarding Labrador Retrievers.

          About the
Labrador Retriever

"She Believed She Could, So she Did"
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